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Thursday, July 28, 2005


From Roto-Reuters:
Gun control backers thwarted in Senate debate

Gun control advocates in the U.S. Senate, unable to halt a bill that would shield the firearms industry from some lawsuits, tried unsuccessfully on Wednesday to put some gun safety measures in the measure.
But Senate Republican leaders used procedural moves to swiftly block amendments for most of Wednesday. In the evening, they agreed to a vote on one measure involving child safety locks, but it remained unlikely that the Senate would vote on any of the more controversial initiatives.
But critics said that the bill goes much further and would prevent action even against distributors who supply guns to criminals. They said it would halt lawsuits by policemen shot on the job or families who lost loved ones to the 2002 Washington-area snipers.

"The real effect of this bill would be to prevent victims of gun violence from pursuing even obviously valid claims in state or federal courts," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat.

Sen. Mark Dayton, a Minnesota Democrat, said the bill provided the industry "almost complete immunity from lawsuits" for negligence.
As well it should.

Once again, say it with me people:
"It's not the weapon. It's the person holding the gun, knife, axe, hammer, baseball bat, steering wheel, ..."

I don't want to see a cop get shot on the job any more than I want little Billy to shoot his friend Timmy while they're sneaking around dad's sock drawer.
But it isn't negligence of the gun manufacturer causing either to happen. It is a purposeful act by a criminal or a negligent act of an irresponsible gun owner.
And neither Timmy's parents nor the cop's family should be able to bankrupt the gun manufacturer because of either scenario.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear Ted Kennedy's still in a coma.

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, that part ain't never changing.

As always... Rachael said...

I agree with you. I know I'd wouldn't be a good gun owner, so I don't have one...