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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Quick Question

People are making such a big deal about how the bombings in London followed on the heels of the announcement that London had been selected to host the 2012 olympics.
I really wish they would stop.

Does anyone really think London hosting the olympics had anything to do with the bombings?

I do not. These camel fucking assholes could give a shit less who hosts the olympics. They're a well organized - albeit - scattered bunch of crazies who planned a deliberate attack on a deliberate target.
Now granted, they're organized enough that they could have said something like "If New York gets the oplympic bid, we're there." Or China, or whoever.

But I tend to think more along the lines of let's see. Where is this big group of people gathered right now? At G-8. Fairly close by.
What American supporters need to be crippled next? Well, Britain has always supported the U.S., and they have a rather substantial economy, TAG!!!

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