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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

That's Over

What a weekend.

'Twas good;
Friends, family, food.
Bbq, beer, blow-ups.
Ok, no more items starting with the same letter.

But it was a nice weekend. I could have sworn that many people would have been able to empty one lousy keg, but alas. Not only are there left over hot dogs and burgers, but a fairly sizeable helping of beer too.

And the fireworks? Those were some good 'uns. Not very legal, but no serious damage was done. The fire in the neighbors' tree was snuffed easily enough. No 911's dialed.

The go-cart is probably almost worn out. It got plenty of action between water fights.

Now it's time to start planning the Halloween party. :)


Peggasus said...

I'll add another 'b': beanbags. Don't you people have those out west?

Couldn't finish one keg? We went through TWO.


curmudgeon said...

Yes, I know. I'm somewhat disappointed in my guests.

Yes, we do have beanbags. They are very rare out here though. I had a helluva time finding some.
But, since we were outside most of the time, they didn't really come into play.

As always... Rachael said...

Invite me to your next party... I'll drink that beer if i gotta stay up until 5 am by myself to do it! I'm not a drunk, but I do not waste money!

I was digging the alliteration...

curmudgeon said...

There was probably about 1/4 of that keg that ended up in the gutter. Evidently we needed more help.
Consider yourself invited!