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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This Day In History - Billy The Kid

From historychannel.com:
1881 Billy the Kid is shot to death

Sheriff Pat Garrett shoots William Bonney, popularly known as Billy the Kid, to death at the Maxwell Ranch in New Mexico. Garrett, who had been tracking the Kid for three months after the gunslinger had escaped from prison only days before his scheduled execution, got a tip that Billy was holed up with friends. While Billy was gone, Garrett waited in the dark in his bedroom. When Billy entered, Garrett shot him to death.

You should really follow the above link and read the brief history. It is rather interesting.

One of my high school teachers had an opportunity to interview William Bonney's sister. Of course she was at least well in to her eighties at that time. He planned on making a documentary, but I'm not sure if that came to fruition. I would have loved to hear what she had to say.

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