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Friday, August 04, 2006


This is just so blatently stupid:
Court nixes verdict against beer vendor:
The family claimed that vendors for Philadelphia-based Aramark Corp. continued to sell beer to Daniel Lanzaro during a 1999 New York Giants game even though he was clearly drunk, and that the concessionaire fostered an atmosphere in which intoxicated patrons were able to still buy alcohol.
What about the part where the dumb bastard bought his own beers? Then drove drunk?
The vendors weren't holding him down puring beer down his throat. He did it himself.
However, the court said a new jury can consider whether other defendants previously excluded can also be held responsible in the case. Those defendants include the National Football League, two bars where Lanzaro drank after the game and a friend of Lanzaro's who drank with him on the day of the accident.
Okay, let's just sue anyone and everyone we can think of. That'll fix things.
Won't help the paralyzed girl any, but the parents will be fucking stylin' the rest of their lives.

Greedy fucks.

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