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Friday, August 04, 2006

Good Gawd

Here he goes again:
Heat makes Pat Robertson a global warming "convert"News:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said on Thursday the wave of scorching temperatures across the United States has converted him into a believer in global warming.
Last year, Robertson said natural disasters affecting the globe, including hurricanes Katrina and Rita that wrecked the U.S. Gulf Coast, might be signs that the biblical apocalypse was nearing.
The end of the world is nigh upon us! Run for your lives! Get to church! Fill that collection plate!

Does this idiot still have an semblance of credibility after all the shit he's pulled?
I wonder what Gore has to say.


As always... Rachael said...

Isn't the arctic melting proof enough for these nimrods??

shoes said...

all pat robertson cares about is telling whats wrong and whos to blame for it. thats what fills the collection plates. hes a fucking moron