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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Go Figger

Here's a quote for all you self-righteous do-gooders out there. You know who you are. You folks who holler about eeeeevil Bush and his illegal war, march in your demonstrations, burn your flags, throw your tantrums, cough up some dope smoke and a couple flakes of soggy granola:
"Over and over and over we do this, just as if we were really so stupid as to not realize how ineffectual it is. Nobody is that stupid. Our ineffectuality is as plain as day. Deep in our hearts we know it is not stupidity that holds us back. It is cowardice. We are too cowardly to engage in the only activities that could actually put an end to imperialism, strikes, sabotage and open rebellion. That stuff is dangerous. So we play it safe and merely pretend to be in opposition. We make a lot of noise. We delude ourselves into believing we are making a difference. We go home feeling self righteous. Nothing changes. Again."
Ain't it the truth.
It's easier to just bitch about something than change it.

Here's where I read it: Housewife4Palestine.


Scottsdale Girl said...

Ok - yes. Absofuckinlutely yes.

I might have to steal this for my "quotes" entry.

curmudgeon said...

Have at it!