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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Latest Interview With Michael Moore-on

Curmudgeon: Hey Michael, it's been a while since we've talked. What's going on?

Moore-on: I'm getting really stoked, what with the primarys and all.

Curmudgeon: Yeah, I see Lieberman is out of it.

Moore-on: BUSH LIED! ILLEGAL WAR! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE OOOOIIIIILLLL! CUT AND RUN!!! Anyone who supported going to Iraq is politically fucking dead. Dead I tell you.

Curmudgeon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same old shit, huh? You've been talking to Cindy again, haven't you?

Moore-on: She's so hot. Mmmmm. I'd like to get in her pants...

Curmudgeon: Good gawd.

Moore-on: She's been on that diet you know. She's looking quite trim.

Curmudgeon: So you going to Crawford then?

Moore-on: Fuck that! You think Im going to diet? You fucking crazy?

Curmudgeon: Sorry, had a little brain fart. Should have known better.

Moore-on: Speaking of which, ... [lifts left cheek, squeezes off a squeaker]

Curmudgeon: You're sick! Jeebus, that fucking stinks!

Moore-on: DAYUM! Something about these folding chairs. Must have been the half-dozen pickled eggs, twelve pack, and extra large Domino's with anchovies, bell peppers, and mushrooms I had before that blueberry cheesecake from Cheesecake factory I had last night.
Ever had one of the cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory? Dude. It makes my dick hard just thinking about it.

Curmudgeon: Followed by the rotted corpse you consumed?

Moore-on: Now now. Don't let's be nasty now

Curmudgeon: So, about Crawford...

Moore-on: Naw, I'll let sweety-pants and her gang, . . . did I mention how hot she is? Mmmm. Grieving has really brought out the characteristics. Any way, I'll just hang out there and harass Dubya. I've got other shit to do. I don't really want to get involved, I just want to point out the errors of everyone else's ways. You know, bitch a little, lie a little, make another 'documentary. . . I'm worth way too much to actually do anything. But as long as I can stay safely back here away from the front lines and whine, I'm good.

Curmudgeon: Yeah, you run with the right pack for that.

Curmudgeon: Well, it's been. . .I gotta run. See ya on Gore's interweb!

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patty said...

hey next time get us some sidebar diet tips. Ya know what cookies he eats how many cheeseburgers it takes to make him full.

What weed he recommends