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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mystery Solved

Guys often wonder what it is they're up to when say, there are a group of you out to dinner, and one of the women says she needs to go "freshen up". Of course, she can never go alone, so at least one - if not all - of the other women at the table immediately jump up and go with her.

Well, I have the answer. From a company-wide email today:
"Does anyone know where and why some items are that were removed from the ladies restroom? The missing items are a purple clipboard that held a tablet of paper and a crossword puzzle book. A note asking the owner to remove them before discard would have been nice.

Thank you "
She needs help with one of the clues.


Scottsdale Girl said...

AURGH! Women's bathrooms are GROSS! Well public ones anyway. Gah!

You got time to do a crossword in there I do NOT want to enter after you! *gag*

curmudgeon said...

And you don't want to advertise it either.