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Monday, August 28, 2006


Austrian girl says refused to call captor "master"
VIENNA (Reuters) - An Austrian girl traumatized by an eight-year kidnap ordeal said in her first public statement on Monday that she had refused her captor's demand to call him "master," yet mourned his suicide after her escape.

"My youth was different," she said. "But I was also spared a lot of things -- I did not start smoking or drinking and I did not hang out in bad company."
Uh, yeah. I guess you've got that going for you.
In 1998, Priklopil abducted the then 10-year-old on her way to school and locked her up in a windowless cell hidden beneath his garage in a village outside Vienna.

Following Kampusch's escape while she was vacuuming his car last week, he threw himself under a train in Vienna.
It's really too bad the asshole killed himself. He deserved a little of the same.
You know, captivity and unlimited sex.


Peggasus said...

This is a horrible yet fascinating story, no?

There's got to be whole boatload of Stockhom Syndrome going on there, to be sure.

I'm surprised, yet glad, that she still had the wherewithal to even want to escape after all those years of subjugation. Good for her. I hope her re-introduction back into society goes smoothly for her. Poor thing.

And yeah, damn that fucker. He got off easy.

curmudgeon said...

I think she's in for quite a spell of adjustment. Not that she'll ever be 'normal', but at least she has a chance at some sort of life now.

Biff Humble said...

So I suppose now we are all expected to let out the women locked in our basements? One bad apple has to spoil it for all the rest of us.

curmudgeon said...

Maybe just one of them. You know, put on a positive front.