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Friday, August 18, 2006

Excellent Post

treppenwitz: It's Islam, stupid:

Over the past few days British and U.S. security officials have been interviewed about the new security measures in place after the [apparently] foiled attempt to smuggle liquid explosives onto a bunch of trans-Atlantic flights. Their solutions make absolutely no sense! They have little old ladies from Peoria throwing away their Florida Water. They have teenagers dumping shampoo, hair gel and conditioners from their purses and backpacks. They have people tossing out their contact lens solution!!!

What they aren't doing is mining the database which contains the name and salient details of every Muslim man woman and child in the free world (a database I assure you exists), and demanding that every one of these potential jihadists be subjected to the same waiting period to buy a plane ticket as most U.S. citizens have to endure before purchasing a handgun.

There it is. Call me a racist. Call me a bigot. Call me whatever you want.
Oh, and let's be sure and not intrude on their space by tapping their phone lines either.

Go read the rest. But you may want to refrain from being near any heavy objects. If you have any emotions at all, you will want to throw them across the room.

Hat tip to Yabu.

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