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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Mexican fishermen found after 11 months at sea:

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Three Mexican fishermen found drifting in the Pacific Ocean could have been lost for almost a year and two others were missing and presumed dead, the manager of a fishing company that rescued them said on Wednesday.

Early reports suggested the fishermen had been lost at sea for about three months and drifted more than 8,000 km (5,000 miles) before they were found by a Taiwanese tuna fishing trawler in waters between the Marshall Islands and Kiribati on August 9.
I don't know whether to believe this or not. 11 months drinking rain water and eating fish and birds? And they never got capsized in a storm? Someone is full of shit here.


patty said...

Ditto. Or Watch out Oz and close ya borders.

curmudgeon said...

That's it. They were trying to sneak into america and got lost.

Scottsdale Girl said...

And sharks, what about sharks? Or whales? Or KILLER WHALES? or sea creatures yet seen by human eyes... I think something is fishy.. *SNORT* fishy!

curmudgeon said...

Fishy. BWAH!

Nea said...

someone is pulling someone's leg...no one would last a month let alone 11 months.

curmudgeon said...

That's what I think too.