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Monday, August 14, 2006

Huh? Whuzzat?

I was first directed to this story by Mark, then I saw it again on Fark. I guess I just can't let it slip by without throwing my two cents in.

Metrosexual? Retrosexual? Menaissance? What the fuck is this all about?

These tags people in the media - be it news, fashion rags, some sort of gendered style magazines - are hanging on men to ease them into some sort of classification, for what I think is their own personal comfort or pleasure, or let's just get to the real meat here, to sell clothers, perfume, whatever.

Most fashion magazines don't hold back. You're a fag - buy these clothes.
Others appeal to the 'men' that read them a different way, making them think they're not really gay, calling them 'metrosexual', and getting them to - well, buy the same clothes and shit under a different pretense. One that makes them think they're still stylin', up-to-date, pimp, whateverthefuck the latest phrase for looking like you know how to dress yourself is, while convincing them they're not gay, they just want to look that way.

Real men don't give a fuck about this. Real men are just that - real men. They go about their day, earn their living, do the best they can, and go home to a wife or significant other, who may or may not have also been doing the same.
Depending on their job, a real man may have worn nice clothes - which may or may or may not have matched, a several hundred dollar or more suit, or maybe ratty old jeans, a T-shirt, and gloves. Whatever. Clothes don't make the man.

One way or the other, a real man don't give a shit if he is metrosexual or retrosexual. On top of that, he doesn't give a shit if other people think he is in one of those categories. In fact, most real men don't even know those categories exist.

A real man however will still open a door for a woman, and offer up his seat on the bus, in line at the resaurant or wherever. And chances are, a real woman will accept the offer. And she will be gracious about it too. If she don't, well she's a bitch. Women's Lib, Equality, whatever you want to call it, a real woman appreciates this.
And any man that lets himself be molded or stomped on that way ain't a real man to start with. There's a difference between caring about someone else and being a sissy. And it seems the sissification factor is way to prevelant these days.

I for one, have always been - for the most part - a gentleman, and will continue to be that way. I will open a door and offer up a seat. I will not read GQ, or try to buy the latest fashions. Fuck that. Nor will I give a shit what you classify me as. If you're that shallow, I don't want your company.


Jean said...

so there are still gentlemen and real men out there?....can I get a map?

curmudgeon said...

It would have to be a quite detailed map. They are scattered quite thin.

Peggasus said...

You know, that goes both ways. While I like looking nice for both myself and others, I am no slave to fashion either. Waaaaay too many women fall prey to the hype too.

And when men offered me their seats on the train when I was pregnant lo those many years ago, I gladly took them up on their offers. These days, if I ever rode the train, I would be offered them because I am old, but I'd still take them, so thank you to all you gentelmen out there.

rachel said...

Nicely put.

I've found that the guys that follow the "what women want" trends are the ones most lacking in personality. If a man has to read a magazine to decide what clothes to buy, odds are he doesn't have the ability to carry on a conversation either (unless it's about the latest fasion trends.)

Miss Sassy said...

its late.
thats all you get.
but phuck yah, and wow.