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Monday, August 14, 2006


Okay, so I check the Site Meter referrals on a regular basis. I like to see who visits my humble little blog, who is hot-linking the pictures, who's searching for what, and so on.
So today, I see a 'blogger' who has visited, and most likely tried to comment but was unable due to the word verification thingy. After reading a snippet from the so-called blog, you'll understand what the hell I'm talking about. Even if you don't understand what the hell they're talking about:
An officer riding beside one of the carts heard the birdcall and began to look in my direction, then edged his mount toward the trees. us army correspondence course program
Preltar nodded as I explainedYoure coming along well, Master LerrisYes, wellI must be frankFrank, of courseThe chest will be superb, Im sure, but I would like something quite differentQuite different, and as soon as you could do it practicallyI would pay a bit of a bonusA bonus, you seeHe gestured with the cap, his bushy white eyebrows and unfocused expression giving the look of an absentminded hawk, were there such a bird. bicycle shop anchorage
It could have been my imagination, but I felt her confusion and conflict as strongly as my own, and I reached out and touched her hand only to discover the feelings were even strongerWe just looked at each other. best peanut butter cookie recipe
She shook her headI have lived almost all my life with such a judgmentSo has Justen.
The autarchs flag continued to fly, and with a bit more concentration, I could see at least several wrecked hulls apparently smashed across the breakwater, and others driven into the sands on the far south end of the bayThey must have been huge ships to be visible from so far, and yet they were strewn across the shores and breakwater as though they had been toys. national weather service melbourne
I got that impression.
It is. laminate counter top pricing
better than the goat those Kyphrans eat.
A blog bot with Tourettes Syndrome. Nice.