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Thursday, August 03, 2006


As some of you know, I fucking hate cats.
They - for the most part, are not pets. They are occupants.
Most cats just exist. They wait around for dinner, scratch around in a filthy box, then climb up on your lap when they want you to pet them, after they've walked all over the kitchen counters with their shit filled paws. They don't come near you when YOU want to pet them, just when THEY want to be petted.

Of course, there are cat lovers out there who will disagree, who will point out just how loving and friendly their cats are, how they make great pets, blah blah blah.
Those are the exception, and more power to you. But you can keep your stupid cat.

However, I do like cats when I see them dragging a freshly captured pigeon around, like I did this morning. I despise those creatures more than cats.


Scottsdale Girl said...


curmudgeon said...


Jean said...

damn....and I just wrote a little poem about my cat...:)

curmudgeon said...


That you have a cat. :)

Jean said...

oh you OLD poop!......:)