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Monday, September 12, 2005

Brew Entry

I finally got around to brewing over the weekend.
By the time the halloween party comes around, the beer should be ready to sample. I hopes it's ready, because it's going to get consumed anyway.

So here's the recipe:
Yellow Cloud Hefeweizen

6 lbs. malted Wheat
3 lbs. 2-row
1 lb honey

Boiling hops:
1 oz. Tettnanger (60 min.)

Finish hops:
1/2 oz. Saaz (15-25 min.)

Aroma hops:
1/2 oz. Saaz (5 min.)

White Labs Hefeweizen #300

Mash grains bringing temperature to between 155-165.
After 1 hour, remove grains and sparge.
Add honey and Tettnanger hops and maintain temp between 155-165 for 1 more hour.
Add 1/2 oz. Saaz hops the last 15 minutes.
Add another 1/2 oz. Saaz hops the last 5 minutes.

This batch incorporates the use of a carboy chiller I manufactured. The ambient temperature of the garage is still hanging between 75 and 85 degrees, and I need to keep the brew down between 65 and 75-ish. So I madea cooler.

How? Glad you asked.
A ring of 1/2" copper tubing with many holes drilled on the downside. This is attached to a length of plastice tubing about 2-1/2 feet long, which is attached to a submersible pump.
The carboy is wrapped in a dark towel, sat in a tub of water. The chiller sits around the neck of the carboy, and water is pumped through the ring, where it can soak the towel and run back into the tub.

I can't seem to find a picture on Al Gore's internet, so I guess I'll have to take one my damn-self one of these days.

Anyway, the temperature has been steady at 66 degrees since saturday. This is a good thing.


Australopithecus_africanus said...

Could you E-mail me a bottle of that when your done. Out of cureosity, how much cost is involved in starting a home brew like you described. I had a friend when i live in Upstate N.Y. that brewed his own ale' and it was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Your barley to wheat ratio is pretty thin. I think I'd had used either less wheat or some 6-row to ensure I had enough enzymes. Next time you make this I'd be interested in seeing the gravity readings.

curmudgeon said...

You can get the basic equipment to start brewing for around $100 more or less, depending on where you buy it and what sort of equipment you buy.
Each 5 gallon recipe will cost about $15 - $30, depending on the type of beer.
Go to Austin Homebrew and check it out. They have some pretty good deals. They have starter kits you can buy there too.

The guys in the beer store have asked me a couple times about starch lock. It's never been a problem. There is some starch, but not enough to clog things up.
I haven't replaced my hydrometer since it broke. Maybe one of these days I'll do that.