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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


From Roto-Reuters:
Rita now Category 4 hurricane

MIAMI (Reuters) - After lashing the Florida Keys, Hurricane Rita was upgraded on Wednesday into a more powerful Category 4 storm as it headed across the Gulf of Mexico on a course that could take it to Texas and dump more rain on Katrina-battered Louisiana.

Rita's winds increased to 135 mph (193-kph) winds as it headed into the Gulf. The storm hit the Florida Keys but did not get close enough to reach the vulnerable chain of islands with its most destructive forces.
And this little gem tucked away in the story:
U.S. crude-oil prices rose...
Of course.

But the reason I posted this, is as I heard about it, all I could think was how the same groups of whiney-assed crybabies who were bitching about how bad of a job the government did with Katrina must be just giddy, on the edge of their seats, hoping the government fucks this scenario up too so they can point out how bad they are doing once again.

Personally, I am concerned for these people and wish them the best, and that they don't have to deal what victims of Katrina are having to deal with.

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