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Friday, September 23, 2005

Garbage Day

In reference to this post, Austrslopithecus_africanus commented:
"i remember,sigh, on the way to school. In the biiiiiiiiiiiiigg blue pontiac station waggon. my brother and i would play tag jumping on the seats, hanging out the window.If we saw a cop they would smile and wave. Not that i'll tell my kids this, i'll wait and tell thiers. haha"
Well, it brung to mind the station wagon we used to have. Oh yes, the big old tuna boats. But ours wasn't a Pontiac.
Our town was small enough that they didn't have a garbage truck going from house to house. We had to take our own trash to the dump, which was all of about four blocks away.

My dad would put down the tailgate of the station wagon, set the garbage cans in the back, and my friends and I would sit on the tailgate and drag our feet, with the family dog in hot persuit.
A sight to be sure.

Dad would go to jail for that nowdays.

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