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Friday, September 16, 2005

"For The Good Of My Child"

A play in 2 short acts, by Curmudgeon.

Act I, scene I:
Curtain opens inside a trailer in Las Vegas, where 21 year-old Girlfriend is sitting around drinking a beer with 50 year-old, ex-con Boyfriend.
Boyfriend: "So here's the plan. You go to work for an armored car company which picks up money from casinos and takes it to the bank. Give it oh, six weeks or so, until they trust you. Then, one day as your co-workers are in the casino gathering up the money, you just simply drive away with the money you have already collected. Ditch the truck, and we'll fly to Amsterdam."
Girlfriend: "Ok"
Act I, scene II:
In front of a Las Vegas mega-resort, where two uniformed guards are standing holding bags of money.
Co-workers: "Where the fuck did she go?"
Act I, scene III:
Amsterdam several months later. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are in an apartment, throwing things at each other.
Boyfriend: "Bu-bye"
Act II, scene I:
Amsterdam ten years later. Girlfriend in a run-down apartment, in the basement of a friend's house.
Girlfriend: "Son, I think I'm going to surrender. You stay here in school, practice your guitar, have fun at your sporting club, do your homework, and I'll see you soon. You will be cared for by friends in Amsterdam..."
Act II, scene II:
Las Vegas federal courthouse.
Girlfriend: "I surrender. I'm tired of hiding and want my 10-year-old son to have a normal life."
Federal Judge: "Where's the money?"
Girlfriend: "Boyfriend has it."
Act II, scene III:
Loomis Armored office.
Loomis: "We welcom Girlfriend's surrender but I don't suppose she turned the money in when she turned herself in,"
Cue music.
Fade to black.

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As always... Rachael said...

Amsterdam, huh? I bet I know where that money went!