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Friday, September 23, 2005


Stolen from "Release The Hounds" on an editorial in his newspaper:

Where was FEMA on the runway at LAX?

I watched on TV with millions of others as the JetBlue aircraft with faulty landing gear made an emergency landing Wednesday at LAX.

I saw the front landing gear catch on fire and wondered why George W. Bush did not have a fire truck running parallel with the plane so it could have responded and instantly doused the flames. I watched the plane come to a halt and sit there unattended for what seemed like an eternity before I saw a firetruck on the scene. Just another example of Bush's inept ability to govern.

Dennis Burkman

Mission Viejo

That incompetent sonuvabitch has done it again.


As always... Rachael said...

LOL... would you quote me if I said Bush personally cuased the hurricanes by running around in circles?

Pooke said...

Must have been some budget cuts in the FAA. Shrub.

curmudgeon said...

The butterfly effect I'm sure.

Or else like they say, poor planning.