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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This Day in History - Hey Jude

From HistoryChannel.com:

1968 "Hey Jude" breaks records

The Beatles' single "Hey Jude" hits the top of the charts. The song had debuted two weeks earlier at No. 10, the highest spot ever achieved by a new release up to that time. Over seven minutes long, it was the longest song ever to hit No. 1, a record it holds to this day.
The first 'Big Gulp'* song to hit #1 on the charts.

*The morning D.J.'s on one of our local classic rock stations used to call extra long songs "Big Gulp" songs, because when they got thirsty and wanted a Big Gulp, they would put one on. That would give them plenty of time to go across the street to the 7-11, get a Big Gulp and return before the song ended.

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As always... Rachael said...

That's cool... I'm going to adopt that term.