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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita II

The tin-foil hat club claims this hurricane season is worse than ever due to global warming.
I say bullshit, but then what do I know. I'm not an environmentalist or any other sort of global scientist. I think they're just trying to further their agenda and get some grant money from the government.

What I think is that the earth has cycles we can't even begin to understand.

We only have a couple hundred years of weather history, and only a few decades of any sort of global data collected which we could possibly use to make any sort of predictions of even a day or two now. We have satellites floating around space taking pictures all the time, all sorts of earth and space based extremely sensitive instruments, to where we can see what's happening all around the world at any given time, and yet we still can't tell exactly what idea mother nature is going to get into her head at any given time. She can change her mind on a whim and sure. Our predictions may be close, but weather prediction is still and probably never will be an exact science. Even Bush (believe it or not) has no control over the weather.

We don't even know what really happened a thousand years ago on this planet, save for a few theories based on interpretations of old records. Since so many of these are biased toward religious rituals or deities, we can't even conclude that they haven't been fudged a little.
Even so, this data is still localized and not the least bit global.

My point to this spiel is that the earth could be entering, going through or even finishing a major hurricane cycle, and all we can do is ride it out and see if it continues.

But then again, it could be The Almighty spewed his wrath upon the residents of New Orleans because of Ellen Degenerate hosting the Emmy's. Those residents fled to Houston, and all that did was piss The Almighty off even more. So now he's going after Houston with a vengance. Try to run them out of there too.


Australopithecus_africanus said...

My goodness, that dialectizer is a lot o' fun. my home page is now yahoo in sweedish chef. i laugh to hARD yo read the news now. I'll be happyer now.

Australopithecus_africanus said...

see, i was laughin so hard i put my comment on the wrong post

curmudgeon said...

That'll learn you!