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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OH NO!!!!

From of course, the AP:
Study: 1.7M Kids Live With Loaded Guns:

About 1.7 million U.S. children live in homes that have loaded and unlocked guns, according to what is described as the first comprehensive survey of gun storage in homes across the country.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal Pediatrics, found that 2.5 percent of children live in homes with loaded and unsecured firearms. Estimates from the early 1990s had put the percentage at 10 percent. The new results suggest a decline, but that doesn't mean there's cause for celebration, said Catherine Okoro, a study author.

'That's still too many children to be put at risk,' said Okoro, an epidemiologist with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
A fucking skin doctor at the CDC knows about children at risk involving gun storage?
Whoever fabricated this research and story must have had to dig pretty deep to find a doctor who was willing to stick his neck out and comment on an issue like this.
Okay, everyone hyperventillating with vapors go ahead and lie back now. Take it easy. Breathe slow. The world isn't coming to an end just yet.

What liberal media?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The CDC is *way* out of line trying to push their liberal views on firearm ownership. I can't see where they have any business debating the second amendment. Owning firearms is not a disease, it's a right.

Politically motivated health officials: That's a disease.