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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meet Dumb And Dumber

2 men who sneaked into mine found safe:

MAMMOTH, W.Va. - Two men who sneaked into a closed coal mine to search for scrap metal to sell were rescued after they became lost about 3,000 feet inside the mine, authorities said. Crews found Franklin Johnson, 44, and Glen Edelman, 35, Monday evening, a few hours after family members reported them missing.

They were treated at a hospital and released.

The rescuers traced them by following the fumes from a fire the two had set after their flashlight failed as they hunkered down in the mine, authorities said. An expert said they were lucky they didn't set off an explosion or suffocate themselves.
The stupidity of some people just amazes me.

First of all, these brainiacs snuck into an abandoned mine. That's stupid enough. Why? First, there's no ventilation. They could have died from Black Damp, which is absence of oxygen. Coal absorbs oxygen as it is exposed and releases carbon dioxide, so that builds up.
Next, there's always roof fall. There has been no stabilization of the roof since the mine was closed in 1993.
Then the dumb asses lit a fire when their flashlight quit. They're lucky there was no buildup of methane, or they would have blown themselves right out of that mine. Not to mention, it was a fire. In a COAL mine. Just so you know, coal burns. Besides the entire mine catching on fire, they were once again, depriving themselves of oxygen.
I don't know how those idiots llived, but someone or something was looking out for them.

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